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A TCY partner has to be a unique person. As a partner you will be running your own business, yet within the parameters of the TCY's business format. While operating a TCY Authorized Center, you will have a number of responsibilities including :
  • Ensuring highest quality in classroom
  • People management
  • Aggressive local marketing efforts
  • Business management
  • Customer orientation and community relations
You will not only have to have the required financial resources and track record, but you will also have to possess the attributes of a business owner to successfully fulfil your role as a TCY-Partner.
TCY-Partner Required attributes
First & foremost
  • The prospective partner should be credit worthy and have available financial resources
  • The partner should be well-qualified preferably with a Masters.
  • A partner with managerial and or entrepreneurial experience will be preffered
  • The partner should be computer and technology savvy
  • The prospective partner must be an "owner-operator". He should be a "hands on" person, who can proactively manage operations, finances and marketing with a 'lead by example' attitude.
Personal Attributes
  • The partner must be people-orientated with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The partner needs to share an alignment with the TCY's values.
  • The partner must demonstrate entrepreneurial skills; yet also show the ability and willingness to be a team player.
  • By the nature of our business and the sector, the partner needs to have stamina and strength to commit to the hard work and long hours needed when operating a TCY's franchise.
Some typical franchisee profiles
  • If you have been running franchisee / your own business already in a service-based industry.
  • If you have been associated with education and enjoy a strong rapport in the fraternity.
  • If you have voluntarily (or otherwise) retired and have mettle & zeal to prove yourself independently.
  • If you have entrepreneurial spirit to make a dent in the sector, and clarity of growth.